Fast Blur

The simplest blur available, and also the blur that renders quickest.

Simply turn up the blur. When quality is set to best, it has a similarity to gaussian blur.

Amount: Adjusts the blur for the image.

Fast Straight
No Blur Added
Fast B10
Blur Amount: 10
Fast B25
Blur Amount: 25
Fast B50
Blur Amount: 50

Blur Dimensions: Allows for just horizontal or just vertical blur, as well as combined.

Fast B50 Ver
Blur Amount: 50, Direction: Verticle
Fast B50 Hor
Blur Amount: 50, Direction: Horizontal

Repeat Edge Pixels: This will repeat the edges of a blur to the edges of the frame, rather than blur them add create a vignette around the effect. The example images have ben sized smaller so that the effect is visible.

Fast 300 Repeat
Blur Amount: 300, Repeat Edge Pixels
Fast 300 No-Repeat
Blur Amount: 300, No Repeat

More info here:


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