Directional Blur

The Directional Blur effect gives a layer the illusion of motion.

Andrew Kramer provides a video tutorial on his Video Copilot website in which he demonstrates the use of the Directional Blur effect to make a gun slide look as if it is moving quickly.

Direction: The direction of the blur. The blur is applied equally on either side of the center of a pixel; therefore, a setting of 180° and a setting of 0° produce the same results.

Directional Straight
No Blur Added
Directional D90 BL10
Direction: 90, Blur: 10
Directional D90 BL25
Direction: 90, Blur: 25
Directional D90 BL50
Direction: 90, Blur: 50
Directional D90 BL100
Direction: 90, Blur: 100
Directional D180 BL100
Direction: 180, Blur: 100

Taken from the adobe help site.


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